CALEDONIA MAN plus Bonus DVD - Celtic Journey

The BordererS latest release comes not only with a CD, but with a bonus DVD.

Our goal was to make the CD a bit rockier than previous albums to reflect Jim’s love of rock royalty like Status Quo, Thin Lizzy and Big Country. We love the rawness, the sound and the production from the 1970’s and 80’s!

There’s even a fun song about that era called “Back in the days”. The intention for the DVD was to film a very acoustic set, and to sing all the songs that the fans love. The Celtic thunder DVD’s were a big inspiration here. 

The band actually started filming and recording on Mothers day ( May 2015 ) and finally completed the whole project in Jan 2016. The album and DVD were recorded in 6 different recording studios in Adelaide, South Australia and mixed and mastered by 8 separate engineers all around Australia.

From the depths of despair can come the greatest of triumphs. Released in 2011, Tales of  Love and Loss/Rise Up is the band’s ninth album, which was a full year in the making. It is dedicated to the memory of Jim and Alex’s son, Rowan, who took his own life in January 2010. The stunningly beautiful new double album features heartbreaking ballads, World Music tracks with African vocalists, Gypsy French Ska, Celtic Rock, Rockabilly and a myriad of other styles.

This is the album for you if you want to hear positive and uplifting messages. "Sinner & the Saint" won the Gospel section of the Independent Music Awards in the US. It also has blues & country influences and you'll hear something of the spiritual journey of Jim & Alex. Released in 2005, it took two years to record this album. It was the first time they'd ever written all the songs in the studio.  The much anticipated album marks a departure from the band's Celtic / rock sound and features original gospel & blues songs alongside country & world music sounds. You'll also hear opera singers and a full gospel choir.

Many people have told us that they feel inspired to do a wee dance around their living room and smile a lot whilst listening to this album. It’s the fans favourite and has sold more copies than any of the other BordererS CD’s. Jim & Alex have been influenced by so many musical styles over their lifetime, and it all came flooding out on the Inspired! CD. 
You’ll hear high energy Celtic / Zydeco / World music / Dixieland Jazz / Tex Mex / Traditional Folk and the fantastic Eric Bogle song “Shelter”. The song “Na Mara” ( Gaelic for The Sea ) won the 2003 Musicoz Award for Best World music track in Australia and featured a duet with Ziggy Mabaye Diagne.

Released in 2007, this is The BordererS 8th CD and the style of music is inspired by listening to Bruce Springsteen's "Seger Sessions". If you love bluegrass music, abit of Dixieland and just a touch of Celtic then this is the CD for you.

The Gathering is the perfect album to put on at a party. Released in 2000, The Gathering is an energetic, diverse mix of Celtic / country / world music songs with lyrics that mean something!  It's the perfect album to put on at a party.

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Independents Day 550x350

Get this BordererS album now !

Independents Day 550x350

Get this BordererS album now !

The Best of The Borderers Celtic & Old World 550x350

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The BordererS New Album - Caledonia Man

CALEDONIA MAN plus the Celtic Journey DVD

The BordererS latest CD comes with a with a bonus DVD.

The album and DVD were recorded in 6 different recording studios in Adelaide, South Australia and mixed and mastered by 8 separate engineers all around Australia.  As an aside.  The mastering engineer ( Paul Gomersal from London ) was the producer and mixing engineer behind most of George Michael’s work plus major selling albums by Phil Collins, Kate Bush and so many more.

Fans are calling this album the BordererS finest to date, so why don’t you treat yourself to a fantastic collection of 10 new BordererS original songs plus the always popular “Galway Girl” by Steve Earle ( the band finally got round to recording this song after so many of you requested it )

“Coeur de Cajun” by Bruce Daigrepont from Louisiana was included because swingCaledonia Mandancers just love to dance to this song and it’s so catchy! ( Alex & I first heard this song on a compilation album from about 17 years ago )

“Raise Your Hands Up” is a crowd favourite and will take you back to the days of Anthemic “Queen” classics.  An earlier version was modified and released as a single to raise funds for the Adelaide Crows Children's foundation. The slight lyrical change was added as a tribute to Phil Walsh ( the Adelaide Crows coach who tragically died ). The version on the new album is very similar but it’s now about motivating kids to be the best that they can be and to fulfil their potential.

The first single “Forever in our Hearts” and the video to go along with it has recently been released to the Country Music market. People really respond to this song! It’s about Jim’s mother ( who died of throat cancer 5 years ago ) and how she is still remembered and forever in the hearts of her whole family. We see everybody in the audience thinking about their particular loved one who has passed away when we sing it live.

The studio version also features the amazing vocals of the country band the “Sherrahs”. Their harmonies are absolutely amazing!  Critics are calling “Hold On” a modern soul classic! You’ll just love the bluesy R & B vocals of Snooks La Vie who duets with Alex on this track.

“Revival” featurCaledonia Man Booklet Alex (2)es the Gospel Choir All Stars from the USA. They’re considered the best Gospel singers in the world and you’ll think that Whoopi Goldberg and the vocalists from Sister Act have joined the BordererS ( “Hallelujah Brothers!” ). We have always loved the
way that the congregations from the Southern churches in America really get into their Gospel music, and are so moved by it. This is so different from the churches we attended in Scotland & Ireland when we were kids. They were so dull and uninspiring. The Hallelujah Gospel vibe is what we tried to recreate on this song.

You will also hear songs about Ned Kelly, our friend Pete Michell ( from Channel 7 ) who died at 42, and a very emotional track about Domestic Violence called Souffre – Douleur, which translates as: I won’t be your punchbag anymore.

Take time out and sit back and watch the bonus DVD – “A Celtic Journey” containing the behind the scenes making of Caledonia Man and a concert featuring a mix of your favourites like “Loch Lomond”, “500 Miles” and “We’ll Meet Again”.

Read the latest review of 'Caledonia Man' by Barry Lenny of Broadway World Adelaide.
 "This new CD is sure to please their followers and, as a bonus, it comes with a DVD, titled Celtic Journey, with another eleven tracks, most of which are traditional tunes given the BordererS' treatment. If you are one of their many fans, then you'll definitely want to add this one to your collection. If the BordererS are new to you, then this is a good CD to introduce them to you. Either way, get a copy."

Read the full review here:  Broadway World Adelaide - Review of Caledonia Man by The BordererS.

There are also bonus interviews and live performances from Australian TV shows.

  1. Caledonia Man Caledonia Man Buy CD with Bonus DVD 4:04
  2. Le Coeur des Cajuns Caledonia Man Buy CD with bonus DVD 3:57
  3. Forever in our Hearts Caledonia Man Buy CD with bonus DVD 4:33
  4. Revival Caledonia Man Buy CD with bonus DVD 3:19
  5. Hold On Caledonia Man Buy CD with bonus DVD 3:55
  6. Back in the Days Caledonia Man Buy CD with bonus DVD 3:03
  7. Souffre - Douleur Caledonia Man Buy CD with bonus DVD 4:38
  8. Galway Girl Caledonia Man Buy CD with bonus DVD 3:10
  9. Ned Kelly (Such is Life) Caledonia Man Buy CD with bonus DVD 3:47
  10. Ned Kelly (Such is Life) remix Caledonia Man Buy CD with bonus DVD 3:54
  11. The Final Bow Caledonia Man Buy CD with bonus DVD 4:18
  12. Raise Your Hands Up Caledonia Man Buy CD with bonus DVD 3:02
  13. You Always Hurt the One You Love Caledonia Man Buy CD with bonus DVD 3:13


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The BordererS - Song in the Spotlight

  1. Song in the Spotlight - Higher Ground A Time for Change Buy CD 5:17


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Song in the Spotlight: Higher Ground

Our Song in the Spotlight is Higher Ground from the album A Time for Change

 Higher Ground is a duet with Serena Ryder, a Canadian who is hugely popular in North America & Canada.  Alex met Serena at the Blues at Bridgetown Festival, South of Perth, WA. We asked her to join us on stage.  Our daughter taught Serena the song Higher Ground at the side of the stage before she came on stage and joined us.

Serena then toured Australia, but we loved her voice so much that we got her to go into a recording studio in Sydney. When we received her takes, we were totally blown away, as she'd made up some new parts that we use in the song to this day.


Selection of more Beautiful Music from The BordererS

  1. We Stand Together (Flying as One) The BordererS 3:09
  2. Higher Ground A Time for Changes Buy CD 5:17
  3. Na Mara Inspired! Buy CD 4:05
  4. Hallelujah A Time for Change Buy CD 4:07
  5. Bootscootin Woman The Gathering Buy CD 4:20
  6. Legacy Grace Buy CD 4:55
  7. You're My World Tales of Love & Loss Buy CD 3:10
  8. The Gathering The Gathering Buy CD 4:31
  9. My Father's Love Tales of Love & Loss Buy CD 4:21
  10. Shelter Inspired! Buy CD 3:31
  11. Sinner & The Saint Grace Buy CD 3:42
  12. Danny Boy Tales of Love & Loss Buy CD 3:29


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  1. The Dark Horse Grace Buy CD 3:42
  2. Will You Love Me When Im Fat Bald & Ugly Inspired ! Buy CD 2:57
  3. Loves Is the Answer A Time for Change Buy CD 4:02
  4. Oi! Oi! Oi! Were Going Down the Pub Tales of Love & Loss Buy CD 3:42
  5. The Battle Song The Gathering Buy CD 3:51
  6. Danny Boy Tales of Love & Loss Buy CD 3:29
  7. My Mother My Angel of Love A Time for Change Buy CD 3:51
  8. Mama Knew Best Inspired ! Buy CD 4:29
  9. The River Is Deep Grace Buy CD 3:56
  10. Hot Love The Gathering Buy CD 4:15
  11. Louis The Gathering Buy CD 3:15
  12. HigherGround A Time for Change Buy CD 6:06


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