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Kensington Regal Swing Gala – Sun 27th Oct 2019
October 27, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Steve Virgo
(08) 8431 4838
Kensington Regal Swing Gala - Sun 27th Oct 2019

Kensington Regal Swing Gala – Sun 27th Oct 2019

( Either in the afternoon or early evening – to be confirmed)

You will never have experienced the BordererS like this before. Alex & I absolutely love swing and jump jive music and there’s nowhere more fitting in Adelaide to have a swing concert than the art deco Regal Cinema in Kensington. You’re going to love the new versions of BordererS songs, plus some very well known covers.

Swing dancers will be joining in, plus tap dancers, a full horn section and very special guest vocalists.

Don’t miss this concert as it’s going to be a one off and a fabulous experience!!!

Contact Steve Virgo on 0416 271 433 or (08) 8431 4838


The BordererS Swing Gala


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