A Time for Change

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If you love bluegrass music, a bit of Dixieland and a touch of Celtic then this is the CD for you. If you’re a line dancer, you will most certainly have heard the worldwide hit “No! We’re not going home”. If you’re looking for a song that says thank you to your mother then listen to: “My Mother, My Angel of Love”.

This album’s been played on Mother’s Day, birthdays and even at funerals!

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Released in 2007, this is The BordererS 8th CD and the style of music was inspired by listening to Bruce Springsteen’s “Seeger Sessions”.

Like Bruce’s CD, most of the album was recorded live in the living room of Brett Sody’s “SodyPop” studio in Adelaide.

The 1st song “Higher Ground” is a big fan favourite at live concerts and the studio version also features Serena Ryder, ( who is a major star in Canada ) in a duet with Alex.

The lyrics for this song were inspired by Gandhi who said “An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind”

Another song that audiences around the world love is “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. Alex’s version was done completely live in the recording studio with just a piano to back her up. It always goes down really well and the band have played it from Darwin to Denmark.

Alex & I have performed “Jump Right In” at every gig that the band has ever done, but one night we stuffed it up and played the wrong beat. The crowd danced like they’ve never danced before, so we decided to re-record this song with the new rhythm.

Alex and I wrote “My Mother, My Angel of Love” to show our mums how much we appreciated them, especially after probably not treating them too well when we were in our teens.

It then nearly became the Eurovision entry for Bulgaria and even to this day it’s been played so many times at funerals or birthdays as a tribute song for peoples mothers.

When you buy this CD, then you will also receive a Bonus DVD which features another 17 songs and tons of footage and interviews from 1994 to 2007

Other songs you will hear are: “Love is the Answer”, “Galway Shawl” and “No, we’re not going home’ We’re gonna keep on dancing all night”

If you love bluegrass music, a bit of Dixieland and just a touch of Celtic then this is the CD for you.

Track Listing

1. Higher Ground
2. Jump Right In
3. Hallelujah
4. My Mother, My Angel of Love
5. The Tale of John Barleycorn
6. Loves Is the Answer
7. The Simple Things in Life
8. You’ve Left Me So Broken
9. Let Me Know How You’re Going
10. Galway Shawl
11. No! We’re Not Going Home (We’re Gonna Keep On Dancing Tonight)
12. A Song of Hope (New Year’s Eve in Melbourne)